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The "Karamel" portal is the largest and leading portal in the country in the field of activities, attractions and events.
The portal offers the largest variety of professionals and providers in the country in the field of events and serves over 2 million people a year.

We provide services to the private section starting from birthdays for kids (bouncy houses, various activities, food stalls and more), Bar/bat mitzvahs (event halls, production companies, unique entrances, magnets...), and even activities for adults (standup comedy, courses, parties, ETC).

In addition to that we also provide to the business section and to small organizations and groups such as summer camps, shopping malls, worker's committees, schools, companies and so on who are interested in organizing fun days, social events, activities, bonding seminars and many more.

Looking for an operator for your event? Leave your information and one of our representatives will come back to you with a variety of recommended operators for the most attractive prices.

For example, In our website you can find:
Clowns, magicians, bouncy houses, birthday activities and ideas for both boys and girls, bar & bat mitzvahs, food stalls , fun days , courses, seminars and many more activities for both kids and adults in the private and public sections in Israel.

So what are you waiting for? Leave your details now!

Fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible
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