Stand Up Comedy with Benji Lovitt

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Stand Up Comedy with Benji Lovitt

Benji Lovitt: Comedian, Entertainer, Corporate Trainer
Forget what you know about immigrants because nobody understands Israelis better than Benji.

From the moment he made aliyah from the US, Benji has been making people laugh at this magical and crazy country, and now Israelis are discovering him as well. 
Through his standup performances, hilarious cultural presentations, and corporate training workshops, Benji will make you both laugh AND think until you appreciate Israeli society like you never have before.

From Israeli chutzpah to American political correctness and everything in between, Benji helps bridge the culture gap in a way that only the most experienced oleh can, drawing from his hilarious personal stories along the way and giving Israelis a new insights into both international culture and their own.

If you didn't think a good comedian could make you laugh without being mean, then you haven't met Benji.  

More info:
- Benji's education background allows him to tailor his material for any audience
- His professional training workshops are perfect for any audience looking to improve their corporate communication, both with customers and fellow co-workers

Operator Information:
Benji immigrated to Israel in 2006.
Benji has performed in North America, Israel, South Africa, Australia, England, Germany, and more.

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